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1Am I crazy to hurt so much?Grief Counseling
2Can I attend the cremation?Services
3Do I have to use a vet for this service?Services
4How do I know that I am receiving my pet's ashes?Services
5How long will the process take?Services
6Should I get a new pet right away?Grief Counseling
7Should I stay during euthanasia?Grief Counseling
8What areas do you service?Multiple
9What can I do about my feelings?Grief Counseling
10What can I expect to feel?Grief Counseling
11What do I do next?Grief Counseling
12What if I don't want the ashes returned?Services
13What products do you offer?Multiple
14What should I tell my children?Grief Counseling
15When is the right time to euthanise a pet?Grief Counseling